Mario is one of many thousands whose life was transformed by Career Karma

Mario is one of many thousands whose life was transformed by Career Karma

We’re looking for amazing product designers to help us get 1 Billion everyday people into tech jobs they love!

The problem we’re solving

Tech has been a gamechanger for society over the past few decades but the profits have largely gone to a handful of people mostly clustered around a few major cities in the US.

This has left people with historically disadvantaged & non-traditional backgrounds at a massive loss as they continue to fall behind despite working 2x hard because the tech/software has eaten their worlds.

Additionally, this has also created an undemocratic tech representation where large tech companies become more and more disengaged from the majority of the population of the country (US), leading to feelings of suspicion and division between groups.

What's more - there are tens of thousands of open jobs that fast-growing tech companies are unable to fill because there is a serious lack of skill needed to perform those highly technical jobs.

At Career Karma, we aim to solve this problem by being the marketplace & the community for rapid reskilling needed to raise living standards in the US (short term) and the world (long term).

Ck Team meet in SF

Ck Team meet in SF


The Career Karma product design team is obsessed with understanding user needs and finding efficient & elegant solutions to user problems.

The team values at Career Karma are in a draft state as we continue to build out the team. As an early member, you will have the amazing opportunity to influence the team's personality and define its values at this nascent stage.